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Hi, And welcome to Sharekhan Ahmedabad – the leading broker of India , for people who want more – more net worth, more self worth, and ultimately, more joy. We’re glad you are here to embark on this exciting and fulfilling journey together.

Why join us?

With years of experience I know what works and what doesn’t work in stock market.

My father (retired supredient engineer from GEB in 2002) is since stock market since 1986 and had made living from stock market. Didn’t work single day for money. He taught me everything to do and to don’t do in stock market after i finished my engineering. I first did what he asked not to do to get bad experience and to test his teaching. Then did what he asked to do and achieved financial freedom in 5 years at age of 31 after starting career at age 26.

I mentored around 1000 families with around 20 crore present asset.

My life has turned full circle from my own education, my experience in stock market.

Instead of teaching boring technical and fundamental analysis. I teach based on my real life practical experience that has led me to here.

I want you to learn how to create, analyse,monitor and forecast you portfolio.

I want you to understand and throughly enjoy your journey to financial freedom so that you can be inspited to achieve all your career goals.

I have tools needed to get job done. So let’s do it

Karan luhana (Stock market mentor indirectly associated with Sharekhan)


Why do you need us?

Wouldn’t it be good if, in the early years of you journey as an investor, you’re able to learn and mentored by those already successful?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if, I teach you , step by step, what not to do so you avoid any costly mistakes along the way?

Wouldn’t it be easier if you don’t waste you precious time trying to reinvent the wheel and instead, copy and paste proven strategies that already worked for our investors?

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